The server wont start


so me and a few mates decided to make ourselves a modpack and want to open it up to the public, but to do so we decided we need plugins, so i was referred to spongeforge for the plugins. I tested it in a non modded forge server before adding it to our packs server to get a feel for it without needing to take down the real server, but when adding it to the real server i get an error log that according to a friend of mine says that its a mismatch version, i want to put the crash log up here and try to get a second opinion from it because im not quite sure whats going on, ive tried getting the latest of both forge and sponge forge, i tried the recommended versions of both and nothing, both of them crashed and apparently spat out the same error log. I’m running the server on 1.12.2


Please upload the debug.log file to a service like pastebin or gist and we’ll try to help.

<script src=""></script>

(note: if that doesn’t work i apologise, im quite new to all this stuff, other wise if it does work than that should be the debug.log file)


i apologise, this should work

  1. Is anything in particular actually not working?
  2. It looks like the mod enderiointegrationtic (Ender IO Integration with Tinkers’ Construct) might be failing to load properly. I would recommend seeing if there is a newer/older version available, and if not, remove the mod.


idk what you mean by particular? sponge just isn’t loading when other mods are present, when i remove mods it works fine, plugins and all, but when i add mods it stops working.


Is that log file of when everything is present? Searching through the log i see no mention of the server even trying to load Sponge


im pretty sure that everything is present including sponge, because thats the log file after the server crashed, the server is working fine now that i took sponge out


Lines 23-118 of the log file you linked. Where did you download the spongeforge jar from?


from this site, it was the latest recommended build for forge 2768.