There are not enough cat pictures here

Working to resolve ASAP. Need to not be new to post pictures.


You can never have enough cat pictures

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Holy crap you’re right!

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Gotta get my cat posting abilities

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aww so cute, post moar

I think you guys can do better than that.


Moar pictures! please? :smiley:

still can’t post pictures of cats q_q

default thresholds are read 5 threads+30 posts and stay for 10 mins :slight_smile: just gotta make that many threads+posts exist

:frowning: I just wanna post kitties

@mbaxter fix perms so we can post cat pictures

posts have to be at least 20 characters? :frowning:


I’m making new posts asap hahaha.

I prescribe one dose of more kitties


@zml no u .
<3 <3 <3

Can’t post pics? I’m very new to discourse. Wondering if this is intentional for a new forum and a user without a higher trust level, or if this is a broken permission.

It’s an intentional default, and works fine on a forum with actual threads, but isn’t so great for somewhere like here without content.

Ok, I made a few posts. You guys could comment on them?

Ok, now let’s get some cat photos happening!

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