Things that sound like other things

[12:07:39 AM] Xemimi Sanzenin: without any definition what would you think “gradle” would be
[12:07:51 AM] Xemimi Sanzenin: to me it sounds like a swing set brand
[12:08:08 AM] London: sounds like some type of food
[12:08:14 AM] Xemimi Sanzenin: i dont understand that
[12:08:18 AM] London: like cheese.
[12:08:25 AM] Xemimi Sanzenin: … gradle == cheese?
[12:08:29 AM] London: yes.

What’s something you thought could be the name of something entirely different?

Linux. It sounds like a kind of plastic-composite flooring

Vuvuzela. I keep thinking it’s an internal organ.

Filibuster - why is this NOT a burger?

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why is filibuster even a word relating to something typically serious
it sounds way too fantastic[?] to be taken seriously in that manner

i mean the example i found on google makes it sound like a special move

“it was defeated by a Senate filibuster in June”"

First: Funny to see that you use double “=” to compare gradle and cheese :smile:

When I heard JSON and havn’t worked with it I thought of some sweets. Bitter sweets.
When I started to really use JSON it’s for me some sort of salad out of { and } :smile: But it’s cool. Since then I get eye cancer everytime i see XML.

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Potato would sound like some kind of drug without a definition.


Javascript == Crappy Java?


i always thought potato was something you throw at people.
i mean you still can, but not primarily


Potato is something you mash and shove it in a “pie hole” and “chew”

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