Thoughts about the new Minecraft launcher?

what do you think of the new minecraft launcher
what things do you like about it

There’s a new Minecraft launcher?

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ya dood :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: go google it up

Since when?<fghjklö>

EDIT: Oooh, you mean THAT? That’s not new, it’s as old as the mountains…

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since december dood
if you need a download link

Well yeah, I knew about that thing… But it’s not really a new launcher, just the same launcher in new wrapping :stuck_out_tongue:

did check the link

Yeh, wasn’t sure what you were talking about.

here a link

I know what you’re talking about now. I saw the link the first time. I’m not dumb. :wink:

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k :smile: :smile:
i needed 15 words

I do not care for it, even though it made fine additions. Since January, I use nothing but SKCraft Launcher. It’s a lot more beautiful and the best way to spread the modpacks I created for our server in a way that even guys who do not know anything about mods etc. can use it. Sad that you cannot use OptiFine in this modpacks because of its license, but who cares, I prefer MCPatcher ^^

I hate that shit with built-in java. I have jdk I don’t need the jre.
(I don’t play newer MC. Stupid RAM, better use the magnetic tape)

Bye, hitech95.

I think very few of us actually use it. I prefer MultiMC myself, but I mostly play FTB packs.

Comparing the one with built-in Java with the one without, there isn’t much of a difference for me.

All I use the new launcher for is the java in the runtime folder for multimc (Otherwise I’d being using java 6 update 10) cringe

Changed the title for length and clarity.

Seems useless because it’s a dead thread…

I cannot mail it, for it will melt. What justice is there in a world where you cannot package ice cream in a block of cheese?

yeah,i can use this now.