ThunderTools 4 For Sponge Download Page Layout Idea

Admin remove this if its not acceptable.

Hello guys,
As you may know, I am taking over development for ThunderTools.
I will be recoding ThunderTools from scratch for Sponge.
I have created a Plugin Specification Sheet which is in review.
I have already created most of the features in text files ready to be pushed into the plugin when I get the Sponge API.

Here is a teaser on what the layout of the page could look like for the plugin download page.
This is just a layout idea. Most of the layout might get changed when the ‘Sponge Plugin Hosting Solution’ gets revealed.

What do you guys think?

The quicker I can get all the little stuff such as the plugin download page layout and the documentation done, the quicker the plugin will be released.

It looks great, maybe you should make a special place for people to post a picture.

What do you mean by that @RobiRami?
There will be a couple of pictures showing the plugin in action as well as a youtube video.

Oh, then it’s ok

I like the simplicity of the webpage.

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