Tick Manager for SpongeForge

Using the TickDynamic mod as a reference point. I know it is already a mod, but it would be appreciated if it were a plugin instead. It could even include some elements of the TickProfiler mod and the MTQFix mod as well.

Why is it important that it be a plugin?

Well, I didn’t say that it was important, but that it would be apprecited. However, I can explain my motive if that is what you are asking…

All three of these things seem like great ideas, but TickDynamic mod seems to have some kind of conflict with the ArsMagica2 mod (for MC 1.10.2 at least). So, I was thinking that a plugin for this might be more successful, if not simply more adept, at working.

I apologize if I have been too presumptuous. Thanks for any considerations though!

The only difference between a plugin and a mod, if the target platform is only Forge, is that a plugin is annotated with @Plugin and a mod is annotated with @Mod. What you would (probably) be looking for is a version which uses Mixin instead of blind-writing ASM. And perhaps one that’s usable on vanilla would be nice, so I guess a plugin would be optimal.

As you mention “Mixin”, I wonder if you are refering to the Mixin extention for Nucleus; furthermore, you have agreed that “a plugin would be optimal”. Are you agreeing that my request is suitable? More importantly, are you agreeing to build this plugin?

No, the Mixin extension for Nucleus is named after the http://www.github.com/SpongePowered/Mixin/ Library that powers Sponge, LiteLoader and other mods.

It allows modifications of the base Java classes that comprise Minecraft.

Thank you for that clarification.

I am simply stating what is optimal; I do not have the knowledge of the internals required to actually build this plugin.

Understood… based on your initial question, I believed that you were considering making it.