Timings output


How do I view my timings or has it not yet been implemented?

If you use the command shown here, it should return a link to a page with your timings report.

What is the correct usage for the command? Typing just “/sponge timings” comes up with non valid subcommand.

sponge timings
[20:03:40] [Server thread/INFO]: Input command timings was not a valid subcommand!
[20:03:40] [Server thread/INFO]: Usage: /sponge audit|plugins|timings|heap|versi
on|[-global|-g ] [-world|-w ] [-dimension|-d ] reload|chunks|save|config

/sponge timings report


My man! Thank you good sir!

Sorry for being such a noob but…

Where does that output to exactly? It’s given me http address but it wont open in my browser :frowning:

It uploads to a web server (http://timings.aikar.co/) and gives you a link, just like pastebin for example.

It should be possible to open it in your browser, if you can’t click the link then copy it into the address bar.

Ahh had a space in it when I copied it to the address bar… lol seems to be working now :slight_smile: Thanks guys!

There is no plugin versions in the timings report! :open_mouth:

Plugin versions were shown when I tested this. Does it have a problem showing versions?

No it shows up sorry missed the click able #

Is the plugin cost under plugin view implemented? Just shows as “[PLUGIN COST]%”.

I’m not sure, but that could be something @Aikar hasn’t implemented yet

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Timings web ui is far from finished. I have too much going on to dedicate my time to it, so I hit it every now and then and make some progress.

I REALLY need help on it from any capable PHP/JS dev.

So if anyones able to help, please join my channel on irc.spi.gt #aikar (Sorry, not a fan of Esper… And the rest of the MC community is either in Freenode or Spigot, and Spigot has more ‘related’ community at the time :P)

But yeah the main views implemented are the All/Lag tab. Some progress on framing plugins was done but not finished yet.

I prefer small ‘mergable’ PR’s so to avoid conflicts and so even if 1 person doesn’t finish something all the way, the progress is at least not lost and someone else can take the next part (ie: plugins tab)

Ultimately, the Lag tab is the most important, but Sponge doesn’t have full timings implementation yet so it may be limiting.

Also not sure sponge even has proper plugin timings yet since gabizou was asking me how its done in Spigot today :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m glad it works as well as it does now! Props on building a much more fluid UI, bukkits was rudimentary at best… Sorry for pushing features, I know there are many more projects in the works. Take you’re time!

I wish I could help but my knowledge of PHP and JS is limited. I’m currently taking Oracle Java SE 8 along with @peav, we hope to contribute much more to the community soon!

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