Touchdown -- a sports Plugin

##Touchdown – Live Sports Plugin by Alex Webber
I am working on a Sports Plugin called Touchdown. You can find an updated thread about it by continuing reading. This Plugin will be maintained by Alex Webber (BigAl512). If you are interested in helping out with this project, you could be in luck! Keep reading for more information…

Do you love sports? Soccer, Baseball, Football, you name it, the list goes on and on…
Touchdown will feature a user menu, allowing users to select their favorite College, and Pro teams of sports from all around the world, and receive in game notifications when they score, and other cool statistics about their team, and their games…

###Football (American)
During a game, when a touchdown is scored, the user will be notified with a message saying [Touchdown] : The Teamname scored a Touchdown! The current score is X-X.
[Touchdown] : The Teamname scored a Field Gal! The current score is X-X.
More methods will be implemented at a future time.
###Soccer (American)
Will be added soon!

####Help Us
Coming soon!

Can you at least add the ability to change between ‘Socer’ and Football, I don’t like both but I won’t play on a server that says soccer.

Yes, that will be added at some point in time after the initial release.

** Noted **

Socer (American), umm u forgot to spelll soccer right.

My bad. That was from my phone. Will fix soon