🏆 AdventureMMO [v2.0.7] [API 4/5/6]


There will be fighting skills in the future, i am working on stuff that will be out today or tomorrow, and then i will start working on it.


Noice, yet 1 question remains, at the moment I’m 51 lvl of salvage, my friend is 30
We don’t understand what the hell is supposed to be after our shovel got destroyed on a golden block, we getting the same amount of iron everytime.


With shovels, the difference wont be noticable, but with chestplates it might, eventhough 21 levels difference is not a lot.


Well then, thanks


The new update is out!
You can disable certain commands with it and it has scoreboards!

It has economy support![quote=“FiveEYZ, post:57, topic:14985”]
When i used the skill Giga Drill and ur shovel have low durability, it will break under the effect when using the skill.

Fixed.[quote=“FiveEYZ, post:55, topic:14985, full:true”]
ppl are reporting that they gain Farming and Woodcutting exp just by standing still doing nothing




Fantastic, thanks for such a swift response and update!


New update: v1.5.4

The scoreboard mechanism is totally changed. It now stays up for a period of time, then goes away.


Will the scoreboard work with other scoreboard plugins?


@Mr_Daniel12321 a few issues we’ve noticed on my server. When running /skills some of my players instant crash from the server. “io.netty.handler.codec.DecoderException: The received string length is longer than maximum allowed (36 > 32)” is the error they get upon the kick. Also /repair command coincides with the Nucleus’s version of repair and cannot be used to repair tools as it is intended to originally do, perhaps alter the command for it to be /repairs instead of repair to remedy the issue? A suggestion I have is the ability to keep the scoreboard on permanently or not and have it stay up to date with all of the experience you get as you level up would be lovely as well. I’ll be sure to politely inform you of any further errors that occur! Thank you for the quick upkeep of the plugin, I’ve been wanting this for so long!


Are you running version 1.5.4? Because the DecoderException should be fixed. If its not, i will look into it.
You can disable the /repair command in the config (people can still do /skills repair).
I will also look into the scoreboard mechanica a bit more. Thank you for your comment.


It should work, depending on the other plugins update time. If they find it annoying, they can always turn it off in the /settings menu. I will add a force setting option in the config soon.


I was about to bring that up.
I am very impressed at your dedication and update speed :slight_smile:


haha thank you!


Can always setup a command alias in the Sponge config


So this is MCMMO for sponge…


It is very much alike, however none of the code from mcMMO was used for this plugin.


Can you change:
/mining etc to

/skill fishing, /skill mining? Because /repair overrides the actual repair command


/skill repair etc already works, and you can disable the /repair command in the config


Ok awesome thanks


New update!
Extra config settings, better use of the scoreboard, ability to keep the scoreboard on permanently, and the ability for the server to force certain personal settings onto players in the config.