Trouble working with fully compiled sponge jar file

So I went through the full build process for sponge, and I was able to launch a client and server via eclipse and log onto it. Then I did a final build with gradle to get the jar file. I have tried, but I have a hard time using command line arguments to launch it as eighter the client or the server. I think you have to do something involving the VM arguments that you use in the eclipse run configuration menu. If we can access the jar via command line, then we should be able to put together a rough launcher menu. Can anyone help me get this to work?

EDIT: It’s a forge coremod. Nevermind all I said above.

The compiled version of sponge should normally work if you place it in the mods folder.

For the development environment you have to add these VM parameters:


Als read this :smile:

I just thought it was a standalone jar, and I just didn’t know it was a forge. Running it in eclipse worked fine, and I have no problems.