Ubuntu 15.04

what do people think of Ubuntu 15.04 and your reasons why it’s be better then windows.

ElementaryOS is a sort of sub of Ubuntu, and looks a lot like OSX. It’s what I recommend over Ubuntu.

For people who need to ask that sort of question I recommend Mint over Ubuntu

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Mint is :heart: Mint is life

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I would say try it and try to figure out why we preference Linux above windows. It also took me some attempts to go from XP to Ubuntu back in the days.

This is why I use it:

  • The freedom to choose your interface.
  • You can set a Home partition.
  • sudo yum/apt-get/pacman install makes life so much easier.
  • The file system is case sensitive and doea n’t confuse git.
  • Games are starting to come up for Linux. Hail gaben! Hail SteamOs.

Why you shouldn’t use Linux:

  • To play the expensive games.
  • Don’t expect graphical improvents. As long the X system stays Linux will not beat windows in that.
  • If you don’t have the patience to fix your problems.

i’d choose Elementary OS or MintLinux over Ubuntu.

All three look somewhat like Windows and are very (linux)noob friendly.
I chose Mint because it looked the best to me.

It isn’t IMO. It’s different. it has a load of advantages but also a few great disadvantages.

I hear first time about ElementaryOS i always prefered Linux MInt because its best for me.
Could you explain to me what ElementaryOS is?

Its an ubuntu clone that tries to match the mac os way of working :stuck_out_tongue:.

Thanks i will maybe give it a try on a VM

I used to use Ubuntu but now I use arch, If you invest a little time in it, It’s awesome.

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Both ElementaryOS and Mint are forks/clones of ubuntu
I prefer Mint over the other two. Haven’t used linux that much tbh.

Linux is king when it comes to package managers. I still use Win8.1 on my main system and i still miss a good apt-get alternative for Win. Damn you, installers!


It may not be too far off

Rejoice, simple installs and package management cometh!

And I haven’t played around too much with Ubuntu, but I can vouch for ElementaryOS and Mint. Its a smooth experience, worth having alongside Windows (but not replacing Windows).


One of us one of us one of us!!!

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