uCommandSigns - Run a command by clicking a sign

##General Information
uCommandSigns is a Command-Sign Plugin. You can create two different types of Command-Signs:

- Client Sign
- Server Sign

If a player performs a rightclick on a Client Command-Sign, the given command will be executed from the players game. If a player performs a rightclick on a Server Command-Sign, the command will be executed from the server. You should configure correctly, which players can create and use Server Command-Signs.

##How to use
Creating a Command-Sign or Server Command-Sign is very simple. Place a sign, and write this in the first line:

  • [Command] for Client Command-Signs
  • [Command-SV] for Server Command-Signs

In line 2, 3 and 4 you can declare the command.

[p] will return the name of the player who used the sign.

An important part are the permissions. Not every player should create Server Command-Signs.

#####Usage Permissions


#####Create Permissions


Donwload: Releases

GitHub Repo: GitHub


Good job! I’m pretty sure someone will find this useful.

I could see this being really useful for a lot of things. Good job.

Def will be featuring this on my test server, will pm you the thread and I will submit any bugs found to your github. Excellent Work!

feature for funs: allow the sign to be activated by a redstone current

also, for that to work a lot better you might wanna try and support selectors. (@a, @p[r=20] and all that stuffs)

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Once again a noob like me would find this plugin really useful. Honestly who has the time to remember all those commands.

I love it! Good Job :smile:

I will try to implement this redstone feature. The selectors are already working. But some commands (for Example /kick or /ban) are not working with these.

Update: The BlockRedstoneUpdateEvent isn’t implemented yet.

You don’t protect the commandsigns from grief. anyone can destroy the sign.

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asconsole ban @a


Why bother when you can do “ban @a”?

work around blocking of the ban command if that happens

then don’t grant uCommandSigns commandsource to have permission.