Unable to migrate Forge server

I’m having trouble migrating my current Forge server with existing world to Sponge.

Current setup:

Minecraft 1.12.2
Forge 1.12.2-
SpongeForge 1.12.2-2503-7.0.0-BETA-2719

BiomesOPlenty 1.12.2-
CustomMobSpawner 3.11.3
DrZharks MoCreatures Mod 12.0.3
FastLeafDecay v14

fml-junk-earlystartup.log The error I’m encountering when trying to boot up the server for the first time with Sponge.

Generating a new world with the exact same mods, Forge version, and Sponge version runs into no issues.

Any solutions to keep my current world while migrating to Sponge?

put the full log on gist.github.com


Hey, please use SpongeForge 1.12.2-2503-7.0.0-BETA-2716 for now, later builds have a breaking bug. I’ll post here when the issue has been resolved.

fix has been released, just grab the latest Sponge version from the downloads page and everything should work!

Fantastic! Everything’s working now.