Unique Visitor Counter

So I know the plugin ‘nexus’ has this feature where its basically a visit counter that displays everytime a player logs into the server. The reasoning i’m requesting something similar is i just want a feature from the plugin rather then adding the entire thing just for 1 feature without taking up alot of resources. It didn’t count all visits; only unique (new visits)

one reason i cant use nexus is that its pretty outdated and i dont need alot of its features. just this bit:

Where it keeps track of how many people join the server for the first time.

This sounds like a simple enough task to get back into plugin programming ^^

I guess I’ll do this.

I really appreciate it. It was a really nice way to inspire players to invite their friends since there is no reference plugins out there.

bump. still looking for something simple.

Well I finally found time to do this, here’s the github repo.
Will get it into a working state in a few days I think :wink:

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cant wait to see it in a working state c: looks good!

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I just added the %uniqueplayercount% variable to UltimateCore, which can be used in any message.
You could, for example, use the connectionmessages module and display a second message using the new line character (\n), where you display the unique player count.

Take in mind, because I just added it, that this feature is not yet in the latest release build.
I uploaded a compiled file for you here: https://www.mediafire.com/?2j4ki426o62m2mn

If you don’t like the other features, just disable all other modules :slight_smile:

it never really stopped me from doing the same with nexus but the problem with nexus is that alot of nexus still runs in the background even with modules ‘disabled’ and i also am using nucleus for nearly everything your plugin supports with custom join messages that allow prefixs in it. would this conflict? b/c the unique player count line should really only update/display on the login of NEW unique players when they join. so how does the placeholder work? is it your plugin only or can it hook into other chat managers such as nucleus?

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My plugin doesn’t have that much running in the background.
By default, it only has some util classes and some services loaded, but that shouldn’t influence the server’s performance.

My plugin has a new player join message, which you could use.
I would recommend using something like this config for connection messages (Note that I disabled editing join & leave messages): http://pastebin.com/9QqumyQX

I plan to add the uniqueplayercount variable to PlaceholderAPI

It’s available in Nucleus now too - {{uniquevisitor}}.

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