UNMAINTAINED - 🌍 Nations [v2.5] - Towny-like protection plugin


Nations is no longer being actively developed.


:frowning: is there a reason? is it finished?


The Developer who has been working on it for the last year no longer has the energy for it and wants to work on personal projects, I recommending moving to Grief Prevention when you next reset your map, it’s what I’ve done, they have a good town system now.


thanks…i’ll try i like the fact that this mod was like a faction but with need to pay to keep those ‘nations’ up and running :smiley: thanks!


This doesn’t work with pieconomy. I’ve wrote the same to the creator of pieconomy, and I’d like to use this plugin but I need it to work with pieconomy for me to use it.


See above message.


Is there way how to use your “prefix” with chat plugin (like Nucleus). We want to add admin mark to prefix but your “prefix” is not working like one it’s just put nation name/tag and nation rank in front of everything else.


The red A is prefix from Luckperms
The white A is rank meta information from Luckperms for nucleus config, where I say:
prefix="{{o:rank:s}}{{prefix}} {{displayname}}{{suffix}}&f: "
It’s should be before every prefix but isn’t.

This is part from my nation config for chat publicChatFormat="&r[&3{NATION}&r] &5{TITLE}&r"


I’ve found a serious bug!
If a player with nothing in his hand tries to open a chest owned by a nation where he does not have any permission, a message will be showed to tell him that he doesn’t have the permission, but, he can actually open the chest! Other containers are the same!


Hello, how to block access to chests? Building and interaction devices, servers of nations and servers are not protected: frowning: