Unregister all Sponge Teams

Hi guys. I have registered some Teams to make chat & tab prefixes, but I have changed code - but those Teams are destroying tab list. Anyone has idea how to get fully rid of them>

So scoreboards are persistent, so any changes you do will stay even if you remove the plugin and reboot the server.

To remove them, just apply a newly created scoreboard to the player, that will reset the scoreboard completely for that player.

If your wanting to remove teams from the scoreboard. You can do the following.

Scoreboard scoreboard = Scoreboard.builder().from(original).setTeams(new ArrayList<>()).build();

The server scoreboard is serialized whereas custom scoreboards (Scoreboard.builder() ... .build()) are not. Setting a custom scoreboard for all players is a temporary workaround which need to be applied on each server restart, the best solution would be to clean the server scoreboard using code or vanilla commands (Scoreboard – Official Minecraft Wiki).