[unsovled]How Do Zombies Target Doors in a village? {code}

Is the door placed with the right side in the house? If not the zombies won’t/aren’t able to break the door. This is a very very good trick for playing survival minecraft and living in a village.

I can once again check this but I find it hard to believe that zombies aren’t breaking my doors…here’s what I’m trying to do. I’m trying to get a zombie to break blocks in order to get to a player…or have them place blocks to get to those players…in order for them to ‘hunt’ the player I need to figure out the code to make them agro the player. then I will need to figure a way have that entity break a block(in a specific amount of time); to get to the player. The purpose of this is to eventually add it to a plugin I’m working on that already controls monster spawning so that i’ll have something like the old Monster Apocolypse fromb bukkit and Spigot

So…does anyone know if there has been a pathfinder API yet done?