Update fix request to fix ID's for ObsidianBreaker

Hi I wasn’t sure what to call the title but I am using the plugin obsidian breaker on the latest sponge and everything works but there is an ID problem. In minecraft and modded there are ids like minecraft:wool:0-14 and in modded a lot of mods name all machine blocks the same and just increase the subid(idk what the correct term is for it). So in mekanism there are some machines that would be like mekanism:genericmachine:1, mekanism:genericmachine:2, etc. The problem is this plugin has no way to add that extra data in the config. You can only put minecraft:wool or mekanism:genericmachine.

Have you spoken to the plugin developer about this issue? Its easier to fix a existing plugin then recreating a new plugin as by your plugin request category

I’ve left a comment on the page but he hasn’t been on since July 18th and he didn’t respond to the person above me who posted on July 18th so I doubt he will respond to me. It’s in the request category because it is a request if it cant be updated. The plugin is basically unusable since you can’t tell it what block you want, only like the base id.

Right ok.

So while obsidian breaker plugin is a simple plugin. Due to the fact sponge does not expose the data id (or any number id of a block) it means that it would be difficult to add the feature of your request without using NMS (Network Minecraft server - the base minecraft code), this in itself is something developers attempt to stay away from if they can and thereforth don’t actually learn it. I personally have been developing since MC 1.14 on multiple platforms and while I have touched NMS, I hated everything about it.

So personally I will not make the plugin for you.

Np I appreciate the response and explanation

Minecraft started to remove the full ID system in 1.8 (reason why sponge doesn’t have any support for it) and Minecraft fully removed it in 1.13, so hopefully it will be more simple to interact with mods that use completely different blocks with the same main id on Sponge’s side in 1.13+.

As mentioned before, the current way to give support to sub ids is through NMS. However I forgot that there is a way to give sponge full support over the blocks and that is to create a Mixen to convert the ids into the key node pairs sponge uses. Not sure if obsidian blocks allows you to specify a key value pair such as


But if it does, you may find some mixen plugins that add support for mods into sponge. I personally have never seen such a thing, but i know its possible and to be honest, i haven’t looked as im a MC Vanilla guy