**Update** Sponge Plugin Competition - Summer 2016

use the explosion event to cancel the transactions for the impacted blocks - that happens before the blockchangevent

Can we submit plugins released under ‘Plugin Releases’? My latest plugin isn’t the most interesting/fun, it’s more like a staple plugin than something fun/goofy (it’s my take on a ChestShop-like plugin).

So long as it meets the qualifications in the contest rules/requirements then certainly. You’d just need to post a thread in the competition section either detailing the plugin or providing a link to the releases thread.

Not too much longer left before the deadline. How many of you are holding out until the end is near? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sure that I’m going to enter. I just have to make sure I have enough time to finish my plugin.

The same for me :wink:

I’m trying my darndest to get a date time formatter working properly. When that’s done I’ll blow all of your minds.
Edit: Apparently it has to be simpler to parse than YYYY:MM:DD:HH:mm:ss:tt, no repeat separators allowed.


Not much time left for submissions! C’mon guys I know we can get more than this! Who knows, there may be something special for those that participate as well as those that win.

Gah, I’m kind of done with initial content (I want more though D:). I just need to write documentation, configs, and all that boring stuff. The fact that I’ve been more interested in working on some other projects doesn’t help either. I’ll still put it up either way though. There just won’t be any documentation. (How are the rules in accordance to creating documentation from the plugin page after the deadline?)

Documentation while appreciated isn’t strictly required for entry. So long as you can give a basic rundown of how to use it to show off key features then I’d be fine with that. If you would like to help yourself with it you could also just make a video of yourself using it and we can use that for reference on how your plugin works when testing it ourselves.

Yeah, I’ve been planning to make a video for this one anyway as just pointing to commands and saying “Here are the commands, have fun” doesn’t really work that well with what I have.

Does this include non-stable releases such as 5.0.0? According to this, 4.0.0 is tagged “released” and 5.0.0 is tagged “bleeding”… I just remeber seeing a thread that announced the “release” of 5.0.0…

5.0.0 is not a release version as of yet. This competition will require the plugin to run on the latest release available which currently is 4.1.0.

this just threw a wrench in literally all of my plans


Thought it over some and figured it wasn’t really fair to enforce this rule especially with how much has been added/changed in 5.0.0. I have amended the rule to reflect this.

  • …be compatible with any API releases that are supported at the time of submission deadline.

This effectively means that any API versions that are actively being contributed to (latest release, latest snapshot for example) are acceptable for submission.


Your wording makes it seem like your plugin needs to work on API 4.2.0 and 5.0.0(“compatible with all”). Maybe instead of “all”, “any” could be a better word to use here?

Thanks for making this change though, I think it will open a few more people to submitting a plugin.

Good catch, thanks! Still a bit tired from the MineCon trip. Updated my main post accordingly.


I assume its a little too late to extend the deadline again now, but in the future I think it would be better if it was on Sunday rather than Friday. This way participants have the weekend to finish up their projects. I have a ton of features I could still implement but no time to work on it during the week. I’d be lucky at this point if I even got the critical plugin features implemented in time. Its my fault mostly, bad planning, and getting distracted by more important projects, but I still think it would be better if, at least in the future, the deadline was on a Sunday.

While I understand what you are getting at, you must understand that everyone was given three months of a submission period. That should give everyone plenty of time to put together a plugin to showcase in the competition.

Extending it by two days would only help a minority (in this case, yourself) as anyone that has planned to enter this competition has likely already completed the critical portions of their plugin.

I get that it’s completely my fault and my problem. Im not asking to extend the deadline, just to have the deadline for future competitions be on Sunday. Sorry if I was unclear.