Updateing old plugin not sure what api this was updated to

So the last time this plugin was updated was in 2017 and I am guessing that the

import org.spongepowered.api.event.cause.NamedCause;

used to be a valid API reference but now is not. I was wondering if anyone knew what that reference is now associated with. Any help would be awesome as its the only thing preventing me from compiling the code in 7.2. BTW the plugin was last supported in 6.1 api.

Thanks in advance!


6.1 forced the developer to use the cause system in Sponge, now its not forced but still recommend.

NamedCause I believe just became part of the Cause system, however that maybe only for some scenarios. So could you post the scenario your old plugin used it in?


Just FYI I bailed on this in lue of writing a plugin from scratch.



Fair enough. Sometime it is easier to start from scratch