User online?

It is possbile to see, e.g. border around the avatar, if the user is online?

No there is not something like that.
Currently the Discourse forum software does not have a feature, to find out, which users are online. I found a few topics in the Discourse meta forum, and nobody found a solution yet.

Just hang around on esper IRC #sponge #spongedev

That data will never be accurate, it also doesn’t matter. If someone hasn’t been seen in a while, it will send them an email, if they are it will pop up a notification. What advantage does seeing if someone is “online” give you?

I believe something like this could be coded into discourse customly (maybe even a discourse plugin?). I’ve seen other websites do it before.

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Only as indicator if I can expect an answer :wink:

Offline vs online doesn’t affect answerbility. Here, I drew a picture.

All kidding aside, discourse is just a different mindset. You’ll get answers in roughly the same amount of time whether or not the user is online.

Discourse does have last-seen data, but it is not shipped down with the topic page, so you cannot do this without adding about 3-10+ HTTP requests to every topic page load.