Using Classes

How would i go about calling a class to run in general from the main class?

pretty much i’ve got a massive amount of coding and don’t want it all to get jumbled into one class file…help please :slight_smile:

Learn Java. A good place to start is Oracle’s Java tutorial witch also covers the concept of objects and describes how to create and use classes.

… i mean with sponge i already know java thank you though :slight_smile:

But sponge is java???

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lol let me rephrase :slight_smile: is there any special implementations i will need to use to call a class into the main.

that Sponge requires that Java doesn’t?

Generally, no.

It is worth noticing however that Sponge bundles Guice, a library for dependency injection witch you can also use for your own logic. Still for starters it is probably better to familiarize with Java’s standards before diving into such libraries.