Vanilla VS Modded

Well, I am new to this, and I was wondering if sponge will have modded compatibility? And I really wanted to know if that maybe they can work on having older projects for older servers example:Tekkit classic for 1.2.5! That would be great cause I will be running about 5 servers and with Cauldron down its really hard to do anything…

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Yes, that is one of it’s primary focuses to be dynamic and allow for integration with mods.

See the faq here.

I can safely say at the very least there will not be an official 1.2.5 port of the API, they have said this a few times that they will only be coding the API for versions 1.8 and up (possibly 1.7 too, but idk if that is planned anymore). However someone else is free to make a 1.2.5 version if they want I guess.


I think a community driven 1.2.5 backport would be good, but I don’t think that’s something that SpongePowered itself should do.


Considering how old 1.2.5 is. Just stop using it and move on :stuck_out_tongue:

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People who play tekkit classic still play it cause it’s fun. You don’t hate your grandparents cause they are old do you?


That was just too good… But yeah, that was what I was getting at!

A better analogy:

You don’t hate your grandparents for not letting you use a seat belt in their car because that’s how they always did it, do you?


I also have a thing for vanilla 1.2.5.

  • It was a very, very stable build
  • It was the Minecraft build for a long time
  • Bukkit had some good plugins at this time
  • The game was just so much simpler back then
  • A bit more personal, but I finally understood a lot of the little things in the game (I started at release 1.0, fite me irl m8)