VillagerShops - Set up Mobs of any type as admin shop. Shops will use a Inventory-Menu to buy/sell items


Yes, I did everything right. The system I have is Russified (Ubuntu Server 16.04). I transferred the Russian text to the English language file and the messages in the chat became Russian, but the menu remained English.


you should not have to replace the English language file. I’m a bit confused, what menu do you mean? The shop inventory? You’ll need version 1.5.2 1.5.1 for that (it has 5 new translations for the inventories)


I used the latest version with GitHub.

Also, I have an error in the console when opening a store, in which there are renamed items and items with a description.


Ok, it seems that this problem is fixed after reconnecting… I’ll look into that, but that’s a LangSwitch issue
Edit: Player.getLocale() is currently equal to CommandSource.getLocale(), which only returns Locales.DEFAULT, so the server language. I might add a geoip service at some point or wait for sponge to put something behind that. Currently your players will have to use /language ru, or you can delete all lang files but ru.lang and put DefaultLocale=ru in a config\langswitch.conf.

On other notes: the sell item currently promotes the buy price and I’d dense the inventory a bit more allowing for 9 more items to be placed in a shop, which makes 18 more than the original version and 26 more than a sign shop sign :smiley:

Update for both plugins should follow this weekend


langswitch did not create the config.


i know, because its really only this one entry and is was ment to not be necessary. just create it.


I have a Minecraft Modded server for 1.12.2 and I’ve been using this plugin for shops and it has been working great! But for some reason, it has stopped letting us create new shops. it will say success but nothing will be there. I’m using version 1.5.1 Thank you for this awesome plugin!


There is an issue regarding this problem on Git, could you please send me your vshop.conf? I’m currently not able to reproduce the problem.


Version 1.6

Now available at Ore or and GitHub


I’ve created an admin shop, and now when I try to purchase or sell and Item it won’t do anything. No items added or removed and no money transferred. Is there something that I am missing with the creation of the shop?


Version 1.8.1

Now available on Ore and GitHub

added /vshop ledger
vshop.ledger.base, vshop.ledger.others
added flag -o to /vshop added
shops now save with world
changed /vshop reload
added sponge:human as skin-able shop npc
added /vshop list
added chat now notifies players about purchases
added vshop.option.dailyincome.limit


what does [Skin Mean]