VirtualChest - A sponge plugin providing virtual chest GUIs for menus like ChestCommands


This method doesn’t work, unless I am setting this up wrong? I tried doing exactly what you have but still nothing.


Maybe, send your config. And your logs.


Also tried solution with RandomByte and it isn’t working,
@ZZZZ can u help?

Also, can we add option that will execute a command if you dont have required item for primary action ?
PrimaryAction {
Command = “cost-item: 1; console: pokeedit %player% 1 nature:7; console: say Sucessfully changed §a%trainer_team_1% Nature to §aAdamant”
HandheldItem {
SearchInventory = true
ItemType = “byte-item:Adamant_Token”
KeepInventoryOpen = false
Command = “say §cYou §cdon’t §chave §cenough §cMoney”
KeepInventoryOpen = true

this is not working