VirtualChest - Provide virtual chest GUIs for menus like ChestCommands (SpongeForge/SpongeVanilla 1.10.2, 1.11.2, and 1.12.2)


Nice plugin! I wait when you will add Economy api, then I will do virtual shop with your plugin.
Can you do one feature?
Now command to open is: /vc open name_menu
Could you do, that this command is only /name_menu


Yes, it has already been available since v0.2.4. You can configure it in the main configuration file (config/virtualchest/virtualchest.conf) at the "command-aliases" node. Here is the default configuration:

    # Every command alias is mapped to the specific chest GUI name.
    command-aliases {

MinecraftMarket [SpongeForge 1000+]

Oh, it's nice!
In that case I wait only for economy api.


Does anyone know a quick way of converting old chest commands configs into a virtual chest config?


Can you add OpenURL feature?


I want to add a cooltime to the gui command.
Is there no command to add a cooldown in the file?
Or do I have to set each plugin separately?


When using this with a mod called inventory tweaks, it is possible to Space-Click all items out of the chest. Is there anyway to stop this?


That does not work. It will only give you ghost items that can't be used and will be gone after relog. Test on survival only, not creative.


I assure you it does indeed work.


Try doing it in survival, then throw the item you took out of the chest on the ground. You can't.

If you can't throw it on the ground then it's not a real item and will fade away after a relog, or any other form of interaction with an inventory.


I did that, I am using the FTB Beyond pack. It grabs all the items, I can place them in crafting grids and use them and everything.

Maybe add an NBT tag to them and your mod scan inventories that auto deletes items with that NBT tag.


Please don't dead this project, I'm really excited by it.


Don't think this project is dead :confused:
Pretty sure guy's still working at it, it's a fairly new project and he's replied to someone on github 6 days ago.

Currently it's exam season in many north american universities/colleges, guessing that's why many plugins are updating slower than usual.


In fact I come from China (mainland) :grinning: so I am not very familiar with English actually.

One of the reasons is that there is a Chinese traditional festival in recent days (Ching Ming Festival, 清明节). Another important reason is that I'm deciding to add what kind of features. I'm recently observing some Bukkit plugins such as BossShop or DeluxeMenu. It is known that a feature cannot be removed casually if added to the plugin, so a feature which is not well designed may be sometimes worse than one that does not exist at all.

Thanks for all of your attention to this plugin!


Ohai that's great. :grinning:


Hey man! You have really simple dupe... Mods like: MouseTweaker, InventoryTweaks etc, can steal items from menu, so result of this - simple items dupe.


What spongeforge version are you on?




I can take out the item....


Definitely something that needs to get checked, possible that it could be something with sponge.

For now I suggest using a mod banner in order to prevent users with inventory sorting plugins from obtaining the items. At least until zzzz can figure out what the problem is and updates the plugin.