Votifier Help


I’ve recently changed both my modded servers to SpongeForge, but I’ve been unable to get a Votifier plugin to work, I’ve set it up exactly the way I did before on the vote sites and using Enjin as a listener (I tried using other listeners too, they didn’t pick up the votes either). Last Votifier I used was NuVotifier.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Specific details are appreciated since we don’t know how you set it up before.

I used Votifier and RewardVoting in 1.7.10. When I updated I updated the public key, used the same ports as before (made sure they were the same in the config), correct IP and ports for the servers. Minecraftforum needs you to verify your votifier before you can save the site, and every time it fails.

I updated to the newer version of NuVotifier but still having the same issue, in the server start up it does say

[nuvotifier/sponge]: Votifier enabled on socket /

But no votes go through, not even an error, MinecraftForum vote site verification also fails every time.

It fails whether I specify the address or not.

I’ve also tried several Votifier testers and vote sites, still nada

If you don’t put a host address, the votes will not be sent anywhere.

Most vote sites use the host IP as default, in fact most sites recommend you leave the votifier IP blank.