Vulgar Language in Plugin names?

Looking for a straight yes or no answer :wink:

Is it allowed or not?

So you want a plugin called: “BrainFuck”?

How about ShitEco

Afaik sponge should be PG.
The answer should be: Nope!

Are you sure it should be “Nope”? :wink:

What if @Lokio27 wanted to make a donkey racing minigame? he could come up with the name “Ass Rider” or something similar :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This thread is going to be interesting :laughing:

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I think everyone has its own definition of “Vulgar”. I mean as long you don’t go to genocide, cannibalism, racisme, … . I think its all good lol. How vulgar can you go with a plugin name.

I think making a single ruling on whether it’s allowed or not would do more damage then letting people name it how they want and letting moderators handle it on a case by case basis.

Wheaton’s Law - Don’t be a dick.

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If you have to ask about it, you’ve crossed the line.


probably a touchy topic.
honestly, as the developer its your choice what to name your project; just keep in mind how it’ll stand within the community of where you’re publishing.

though, from the looks of this thread, i’m pretty sure for Sponge, you’re looking at an outright lolno.

I can agree with Xemiru here, although I had joked about it earlier, just think about the fact that server owners aren’t just 18 or over. Infact they can be of all ages.

I’d call such a plugin “donkey racer” or similar.

i agree with gratimax:
If you have to ask, you should probably leave your idea alone.

I just noticed this :stuck_out_tongue:. I guess that’s a “no@Lokio27.


& this

Are perfect

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This 100%. I don’t think Sponge staff, leaders, support, etc, should initially/proactively deny/remove any ‘Vulgar’ content. Rather, we (the community members) should report any plug-ins that contains adult content/vulgarity. Then maybe have a flag on ore for such things, or deal with it appropriately. That’s just my thoughts.


Anything excessive should be taken down, but trying to be funny should be okay

Something else, this is the internet, most kids are on non-vulgar filtered youtube anyways. There are muliple tools including the one built into windows to control websites younger kids visit. That said, both this

and this should also be considered.