Wanted: Metadata for new block types introduced by plugins

I think it would be hugely useful if plugins were required to add some metadata about any new block types they introduce.

In particular, I’d really like to know whether a block is “natural”, meaning it’s generated into the world, or “unnatural” meaning that it can only be placed by players. In my GriefPrevention plugin for Bukkit, I had created a “restore nature” feature which could repair a chunk (as opposed to regenerating it) by first removing blocks which must have been placed by players based on their type, then running several other passes over the chunk to fill in holes, fix water, remove unnatural block configurations, and so on. It was this “magical” tool which was safer than chunk regeneration because even after the world seed had changed or the algorithm for building new terrain had been altered (by Mojang or by new plugins being installed), it would never result in a entirely new chunk which did not match its surroundings. It worked only because I was able to create a complete list of player-placed-only blocks, which would be impossible once client mods get involved to add new block types on the fly, UNLESS this piece of metadata were available.


This would be useful if there was a way. Would make it easier to implement other style of plugins, such as those that grant rewards for mining or performing some task. Would have to take into account blocks placed into the world by machines though I would imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult.

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