We have detected that you are JRE version

I have the latest version of Java and it says that it is out of date.

Even when I had 101, it said the same thing.

It was working a few days ago when I updated from Java 7 to Java 8, it was around 90 something, but when I used WorldPainter, it messed something up, I tried changing it back and even doing the same thing to make Java 8 work, however, when I tried doing the same thing, Java 8 was updated to 101 and it did not work.

I have a screenshot.

Thats an expected but unforseen consequence of the java version checker, it is doing a string-comparison of the JRE version, so versions _100+ are considered lower than _40 character-comparison wise.

I’ll file a github bug alert on it and it should take someone only a moment to fix later, but you could always try in the meantime reverting java back a few versions to 99 or lower

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Actually, i catch a slight version info - sponge 1136? Thats a very old version, and may predate changes in the java-checker code - the code was modified in may to look at the update number and should work correctly since then.

To use the verison of sponge you are going to use, you’ll need to rollback java; otherwise, you’ll need to use a more modern sponge version.

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I am using these:


Am I suppose to use the same version?

They are both 1722.

Thank you.

You’re using SpongeForge build 1136, the most recent build is 1595. We do not provide any support for massively out of date versions.

If you’re using forge 1722 because it’s the requirement of a mod, chase up the mod developer as they’re using an outdated forge version. Or just try it with the newer version, it make work anyway.

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Thank you.

It works.

Thank you.