We need a creative control plugin (like LimitedCreative)

I cant believe that are small servers that use a plugin to separate creative and survival inventories (and block drops for breaking creative placements).

In my oppinion this is a fundamental issue and there should be a plugin that features this.

Old plugins (Still working in the last bukkit version):

Limited Creative (By Possible) dev.bukkit.org/profiles/Possible/

CreativeControl (By FurmigaHumana) dev.bukkit.org/profiles/FurmigaHumana/

I ask for the devs of this plugins to port them to sponge or some other dev to develop some plugin related.

Thanks for your attention.

Post it here: http://forums.spongepowered.org/t/plugins-to-be-ported/

THANK YOU (moved to thread above)