We search Sponge Forge Developer and offer payment!


Hello me and my team (+ the YouTuber KevinFilmt: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-9zN-Ud8hkyXAc9ev4tpFg) are looking for a Sponge Forge programmer for a plugin based on the YouTuber project Minecraft Titan (It is a project of German YouTubers). A plugin that kicks at least one player automatically after 15 minutes of play time from the server would be enough for us. Depending of the features of the plugin, we would pay around 20 euros. Can you help us with such a plugin? Then get in touch! (Email: Diaboy01@gmx.de)


You’re allowed to fund the development of plugins (private or public), but selling plugins is strictly prohibited on SpongePowered services - and in the Mojang EULA.


Oh okay, I didn’t know…