Weird problem integrating Sponge Forge 2838 with Forge 2854

Okay so every time I try to add a sponge forge version into my mods folder I get a problem where my Java server window doesn’t pop up. It’s super weird because I tried putting in a couple plugins like nucleus etc. and they work fine. The problem is I don’t have access to the terminal and I can’t effectively run console commands. This forces me to shut down my computer to quit the Java window. When I boot up again, I remove sponge forge and the associated plugins, my server window pops up and I’m able to run commands. I have to run /fml confirm to alternatively start the server. After that it works fine.

I’m on Mac, can someone help?

Sponge disablea the GUI by default because the GUI is very non-performant. Try running the application from a command line/terminal.