Welcome to the Dracade Network - Front-End Web Developers Needed!

Who are we?

Hello there, My name is Kieron and I am the owner and lead developer of the Dracade Network along with my co-owner and manager @Welshy. I have for a long time now always wanted to create my own Minecraft network to that of a rather ambitious scale, and now it is finally happening. We are looking for talented front end web developers to help design and create our website for our network.

What is Dracade?

The Dracade network is aiming to be one of the biggest Minecraft networks to be developed almost entirely on-top of the Sponge platform. Our plan is to deliver high quality gamemodes mainly based on Player vs Player combat. We plan to bring the classic games such as the Hunger Games and Capture The Flag but also some unique modes that have never been seen before. Our goal is to create a leading team and network where we are not only recognized for our ambition but for our contributions.

Where are we right now?

We are currently in the early development stages where we are working on our custom web-panel. This is the tool that will pretty much manage the network’s user-base. We are in also in talks with many major contributing factors, which includes hosting companies, graphic artists, voice actors and software engineers.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for a front-end developer to help us design and then develop our website and web-panel. You should be familiar with creating Single Page Applications (SPAs). If you do not feel qualified for this position but you feel you have other talents or experience that will prove useful to our network, then please feel free to message us. We are very open to new ideas.

  • As a front-end developer you will only be expected to provide a portfolio. It would also be helpful if you were able to communicate with us verbally through the use of Skype or Teamspeak.

Please if you wish to contact us about this opportunity, then message me or @Welshy on the forums and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Good luck! Regards,
Welshy & Kieron

You may contact us optionally via email:
[email protected]
[email protected]


This looks like a great project. Seeing big time server projects choosing Sponge is good for all of us.


Why you are using PHP as your backend of Ember? I recommend to you to use Node.js (or io.js). It’s so much better as backend of web applications (your web-panel is a type of web app, right?) :wink:


It isn’t “better” other than in the sense of performance.

I don’t particularly like JavaScript as a language, so there is that, and besides it makes more sense to develop it in PHP as most server hosting companies tend to offer hosting support.

It’s really all down to personal preference and as it stands, PHP is suitable enough for what we need.

This has incredibly good integration if you’re planning on database stuff: http://sanestack.com/

Not the best docs though.

What do you use for your frontend? A framework like AngularJS, Backbone etc. or only libraries like jQuery?
And SASS (or SCSS), LESS or plain CSS?

EDIT: See below, derp.

Not exactly, that’s probably a little confusing. Ember is just what we’re naming our User Management system.

@DerNivel I’m using the Laravel framework, so the idea is that tools used to develop the front-end would probably have to be compiled into their respective parts.

So, I’m guessing if someone came on-board and developed the whole front-end in LESS or something, it would have to be compiled into CSS.

The HTML is built in Blade.

Alright, Edited post.

@KieronWiltshire Ok, too bad. I hoped that I can help, but that’s sadly not my preferred development stack :disappointed: Good luck with the project anyway!

Well, there is always this ^^ :wink:

I can’t mess your complete development stack up I think :smiley:
But I have a minecraft game from an old unreleased server by me. Maybe there exists interest. I still have the code for Bukkit.

We’re really looking for more than just web developers. We’re hoping to get a bunch of people on board, it’s just right now our main priority is front-end webbers.

no matter what, using LESS or SASS, it would be compiled into CSS thats just that less and sass make life easier for the developer. I like the laravel frame work but I agree with the guy that mentioned Node.js it would be better for something like this. Just something to look in to. PHP will work for now but you will start to notice the limitations of it really fast if the network is to get as big as you expect it to. Even with a beautiful frame work like Laravel it will start to show.

I would say using some front end framework like bootstrap would be the best way to start off. That has both LESS and SASS versions. This project sounds like its gonna be fun! Wish I could help out!

@KieronWiltshire are you the back-end dev?

I disagree, i know of many large scale production applications that use laravel and they work fine.

i am the backend developer yes, but as you can probably tell the web isn’t my typical place, but hey someone’s gotta do it.

It depends what you want your web panel to do. If it includes realtime stuff like chat logs You’ll want to use Websockets which I don’t think php can do.

EDIT: Well I’ll be damned. http://socketo.me/

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There are also things like thrift that Facebook developed, so you can practically do everything with PHP now :smiley:

[ Don’t quote me on that, I haven’t looked into thrift much :blush: ]

lol. “Here’s this absolute fact that proves my point. But don’t quote me on it, I don’t actually have any idea”. - @KieronWiltshire 2015


haha, no I mean this is what I’ve heard, Ive never actually experimented with it hahahaha
but I love that. Quote of the year hehe


Hi i am also web developer. Can i help you for your project work.?