Well... I am new!

Hi Sponge Community,

My name is Marijn (call me Mari) and I am new! Well not really new ive been on this site for about 3 weeks now and decided i would introduce myself. Currently I am making something similair to Sponge. (Can’t tell the name. Dont know if its allowed here) Also I am a server owner of a server with 100+ people and a previous Bukkit Plugin developer.

Yours sincerely,

Marijn van Wezel (xxmarijnw)

Welcome to Sponge. There’s a chance the Sponge team may appreciate your help if you’d like to help support them. Sounds like you’d know your way around how that stuff works XP

I will. Thank you for the tip, I appreciate it.

  • xxmarijnw

I don’t see why an open source community wouldn’t be open to discussing other projects in the same community or even other communities given that it is discussed in the off topic category. Restricting free thought and discussion is a great way to restrict development.

I wondered that as well, but didn’t bother questioning it. I believe it’s mentioned on their profile though, being the Arrow Project, or something similar to that, as well as being mentioned in another place or two.