What Bukkit Needs To Do

Update: Bukkit has announced the new status of the project, view the posts here and here.

Some poor server owners still have faith in bukkit. However, there is no faith. I know there are a few people here with access to the bukkit website. I’d love to see a rip page or something so people can easily clarify: yes, bukkit is dead. Also maybe keep the old website alive with something like old.bukkit.org.



An homage and dedication to what once was. I like it. It’s sad to see bukkit go, but we should pay it and the community that it once was, the respect it deserves. It shouldn’t just be abandoned as a dead thing.

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People are going to continue to use Bukkit until Forge allows vanilla clients to become compatible. Popular servers like Mineplex, HiveMC, Shotbow, and Hypixel are not going to lose 2,000 players just because Bukkit died or force their entire community to switch to Forge. I believe they would rather remain 1.7 until Forge and Vanilla compatability is supported. Until that happens, Bukkit will not really die. People will definetly use Sponge over Cauldron, but Spigot and Bukkit will be the leading server mods for a while.


Bukkit, update-wise, is dead. I honestly don’t see a solid update despite Dinnerbone supposedly working on it.

That’s also why Sponge is so exciting ;D

Mineplex doesn’t use Bukkit. Not sure what they do use, but whatever it is they’ve got it for 1.8.
Made a 1.8-only game already.

Most servers of that size just write their own custom software. It’ll be all proprietary in terms of someone like us using it.

Mineplex does use Spigot, which is based off Bukkit and is open source. If you made a 1.8-only game, it is probably because their proxy (BungeeCord) moved you to a (vanilla) 1.8 server.

Yes, they do.

They use spigot, which is derived from Bukkit, and use a Bungeecord that is compatible with 1.7 and 1.8

Ok, probably I misunderstood something but I thought Sponge will support Vanilla clients as well as Forge.
If Sponge supports only clients with Forge this will be so sad.
Many servers will lost so many players.

Don’t worry, something like that would destroy what hope and community support Sponge has. I doubt they’ll try to sabotage their own project.

The plan is to support vanilla clients, unless other forge mods are desired.

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Its sad to see Bukkit go. But in an other way, it’s time for an update. Thank you Bukkit for all your hard work. And ofcourse thank you Sponge.

Yours sincerely,

Marijn van Wezel