What can I do with sponge?

Apologies for the possible noob question here but I’m hoping someone can help me out here!
Would I be correct if I said that using sponge on a server would allow me to :

  1. Use plugins (from sponge, some may be ported over ?)
  2. Allow textures on the server
  3. Custom HUD if needed
  4. Custom sounds

(some of the features from spout ?)

If someone could link me a list of features that would be awesome, thanks !

  1. Yes.
  2. Yes, You can send resourcepacks to clients.
  3. No, Without client-side mods you can’t display any custom HUD,
    but you can send a resourcepack with a custom gui texture
  4. Yes you can send a resourcepack with customs sounds

Am I able to push mods to a client ?

No, because if you do I’ll push a virus to the client :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want you can search these forums for the many discussions on this topic. The answer is always NO.

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This. A thousand times!

“Custom” HUD via scoreboard should be possible. Everything else needs a clientmod (preferably Forge).

I am currently developing a way to create your own custom HUD. [Outdated] MinecraftGUI v2.0.4 - A GUI manager

Your system still needs a client mod. The only main differences is that the OP will be able to control the look of the GUI iva a plugin.

yes, but the player doesn’t need the mod to connect on the server. He can play on the server without the mod because it is a plugin on the server.

Fair enough. I was mistaken.