What does the Sponge community do whilst waiting for the release of the Sponge API?

So what do you do?. I personally am playing some good old vanilla with friends.

Screw around on these forums, screw around on TS, administrate servers for those who own any, code the things that can be done without an API, throw around ideas for the API and the forums… Those are general things. Together with BlizzardFyre I am also keeping up a list of the Bukkit plugins that will be ported to Sponge.

Mostly, though, I do school stuff, work and take driving lessons (the licence is 18+ here; I’m not that slow, truly). You’d be surprised how much time that eats up :P


I win. Lol.

i go to college to, other people work. but what i ment was what do you do besides it. I assume you don’t fill your entire week with sleeping eating and college?

Have you ever been friends with a student? That’s exactly what they fill their week with. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I’m 17 go to college but sadly don’t live on the campus. This is like average school for me. Planning on going to the university after that tough and live on the campus. can’t wait ^^

I’m enjoying the Lord of the Rings mod in 1.7.10…

Making my own modpack, submitting PRs, hanging here… And of course everything normal which is not related to sponge and/or games.

Pretty much Gaming, Programming, and being on the Forums.

Posting in this thread. (And college, coding, homework, family, posting in the forums, helping people and SO MUCH MORE!)

Lot’s of stuff, noticing my tag that includes being on the forums at least twice a day.

Every spare moment on my phone which is ≊ 40 times / day.

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when did they update that to twice a day?

Never, That’s just what I did to get it, being on at least twice a day or more.

ahh cause the specifics can be found here https://meta.discourse.org/t/what-do-user-trust-levels-do/4924/4 ^^

:smile: :smile: lol me