What happened to MCStats?

MCStats has been down for a couple of weeks, and hasn’t come back up. None of their APIs are functioning, and the whole project looks like it’s ground to a halt. Perhaps the site will come back online, but as of right now that doesn’t seem likely.

Thoughts anyone?

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up for me? http://mcstats.org/

Edit: Scratch that, suddenly down. unsure if it was cached on cloudflare or my client or something.


Edit2: back up.

Seems indictive of a DDoS attack or intermittent connection.

Yeah I’ve been checking it every few days for the past few weeks. Sometimes the front page will load for a few seconds, but nothing else. Hidendra seems to have moved on from the project for the most part or is just busy. Maybe he’ll pass the project on to someone else, but if not hopefully something takes its place.

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Maybe something official from Sponge :question:


As long as it can support other platforms.

Well, I think the main goal for now is to develop Sponge itself. There is no reason for Sponge to provide such a service, (yet).


I want to breathe some new life into plugin statistics tracking, but i’m not sure what the best way to do that is right now.


In the past, I’ve noticed that the site seems to go down from time to time, sometimes for days. I’m sure it will come back to life at some point.

Why not add a statistics feature to Ore? As a Minimally Viable Product, it could show the graph of plugin usage. In the future a full api for querying the data could be added.



Alerts when updates are available for the given API version would be cool as well. I mean if it’s going to ping-back constantly, it may as well do something useful for the user as well.