What headphones/headsets do you use?

I want to buy some headsets since mine broke, but I also don’t want to create a topic just for advice. So yeah, what headphones or headsets are you using? What are their ups and downs?

I have the gamecom 780. They sound great, but sometimes do a little noise (Î don’t know the name of that sound). The microphone is very good too.

I use a SteelSeries Siberia V2 and I really like them.

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Are those surround sound or something? I was thinking about the Logitech G35 or the Cyborg F.R.E.Q.7, don’t know if they are good though.

Logitech G35 is what I use. Works well for me under both Linux and Windows, had some issue for a while with PulseAudio crashing whenever I unplugged them, but that was resolved a long time ago. Also got some Roxcore earbuds for mobile/school.

I use the Beyerdynamic dt 770, they are great headphones and provide great sound and build quality for the price.
They may be a bit harder to drive, so you would need to have some sort of AMP or DAC

I use the Logitech G930’s and like them. They work for what I want which is wireless and have good sound quality and mic quality.

I’ll list my previous headset, and then my current one.

Previous one:
Logitech G930 - Official Site - Newegg


  • Wireless (only 2.4GHz band)
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Both ears adjustable and can fit pretty much any head size
  • Both ears rotated to extend head size/shape compatibility
  • Looked badass and felt “premium”
  • Convenient buttons on side: mute, 3 “G keys”, switch for virtual 7.1 surround, and obviously the power button
  • Speaker sound was great, although not studio quality
  • Mic that could easily be rotated (pivot?) upwards, which also muted the mic
  • Mic could bend to suit your preferences
  • Sound muffling (not cancelling)
  • Used a standardized microUSB 2.0 port for charging
  • Battery lasted nearly all day
  • Included a USB 2.0 to microUSB 2.0 cable (which was really long)
  • Cable also included 1 low-powered USB 2.0 port on it
  • Software included a variety of features, including macro controls, equalizer, microphone effects, and more
  • Advertised range of 40 feet. Varied for me depending on the computer I was using and how many walls I went through.


  • Some people have had no issues with this headset at all, but I had an issue where it would disconnect every few minutes for about 15 seconds at a time. When it reconnected, the sidetone (hear yourself) went back to 0, which annoyed the crap out of me even more. This is the reason I will never buy this again, because I went through 3 of these things and had the same exact issue.
  • Does not support the 5GHz wireless band, so it will interfere with other 2.4GHz devices (see above)
  • When it disconnected, often times the virtual surround would be stuck on or off
  • Often times if you let the battery get low, a very loud buzzing noise would be heard from both your end and the receiving end. Fixing this often required multiple restarts of the headset.
  • Software is rather poorly made, often times simply not recognizing the headset exists or that the adapter is plugged in
  • Software would often times not show the correct battery life of the headset
  • Mic quality is poor, which is surprisingly common in higher priced headsets. Cheaper headsets have much better quality. If you like singing or playing instruments and recording it, don’t use this to record.
  • Extension cable was charge-only, meaning it still sends/receives data wirelessly
  • Breaks easily when smashed on ground…

Overall, I loved this headset. It was so convenient to have, and extremely comfortable. If it weren’t for the disconnecting issue, I would still be using this thing. I tolerated the poorly developed software this thing came with, and caveats it had. I used this for Skype, gaming, and audio production. However, I would not advise you get a gaming headset at all if you’re going to work with audio. Aside from that, this headset met my expectations for the cost, which I purchased for around $125.

Current headset:
Turtle Beach Z22 - Official Site - Newegg


  • Has treble and bass controls on inline amplifier
  • Mic, chat, and game (or just regular audio) controls on in-line amplifier
  • Mute/phone/quiet/on slider for mic on inline amplifier
  • Inline amplifier has support for phone (3-ring 3.5mm jack), and 2.5mm jack for Xbox or anything related
  • Mic quality is decent, but not studio quality
  • Speakers are pretty good for the money, but again, not studio quality
  • Detachable from inline amplifier so you can plug it straight into your phone, for example. Uses a 3-ring 3.5mm jack, so you can make phone calls and whatnot. Audio quality is slightly reduced, but an EQ on your phone will solve that issue.
  • Bass is actually really good for what it is
  • Uses a 3.5mm jack for stereo audio, and USB for mic and chat
  • Inline amplifier will increase chat volume as regular audio volume increases
  • Adjustable ears cups, as you would expect from any headset


  • It’s rather uncomfortable, and by that, I mean it’s really uncomfortable. Even after putting cotton between the speaker and my ear, my left ear still hurt a ton and got red after using this thing for more than an hour. Eventually I was able to find the correct ear adjustments to make so that it doesn’t hurt like hell, but it’s still really uncomfortable.
  • If you have a big head, don’t buy it. See above.
  • The cable between the headset and inline amplifier is rather short. I don’t have a measuring device, but I’d say about 2 feet.
  • Chat volume amplification causes the chat audio to pan to the left, which is rather awkward. I know this thing doesn’t have much insulation between cables, and that’s probably why.
  • Drivers installed automatically for me, and software-wise it works perfectly, since there is none.
  • When mic slider is set to phone, mic audio bleeds, which is probably due to the lack of wire insulation.

My very first headset was the Turtle Beach X11. That thing was much more comfortable than the Z22, which is what I’m using now. However, at one point during the production of the X11, they changed the ear padding material so that it’s much less comfortable than previous. Anyways, though, this thing is alright, but not worth the $80 price tag that comes with it. The inline amplifier is much better by far, and the ability to detach the headset from it is a godsend, but it still causes my ears pain after using this thing for a few hours. If you can find this thing for $60 or cheaper, I’d say it’s more worth it.

If you have the money for a good headset, don’t buy either of these. There are much better ones out there. The G930 is nice and all, but if you fall into the same trap as I did with the disconnecting, it’s not worth it. The Z22 is more of a budget headset, and I honestly hate it.

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I use Astro a50’s, they have a pretty hefty price, but are defiantly worth it.

Yeah, if this happened to me I would definitely not like my headset. Perhaps it was due to your other con of it being on the 2.4 GHz band which has a lot of other devices on it.

Yeah, the majority of my devices in the room I’m in use the 2.4GHz band. Phone, tablet, laptop, router, onboard wireless ship, etc. It must be the channel that the G930 uses, since the disconnecting frequency changed if I switched the wireless channel on my router, though it was still at least two or three times an hour.

Logitech G35 have always been my choice, simply great and comfortable!

Some gamescom headset. Can’t remember the exact name, But it has great headset quality and microphone quality.

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Well, i use Turtle Beach Px21’s but they aren’t as good as i thought they’d be.

Thank you for the time. I liked that “mini” review.
I’m not getting the G930 since they are wireless, and I play on a desktop, so it doesn’t really make sense. I’m unsure whether I should get the G35, the Cyborg F.R.E.Q. 7 (I don’t know if they are good though) or any other.

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They are. I find them to be one of the most reasonably priced set of surround sound ones out there.

The G35 looks nearly identical to the G930. It actually might be the perfect alternative, considering the major cons with the G930 was due to the fact that it was wireless, and the design seems to vary only slightly.

As for the Cyborg F.R.E.Q. 7, I can’t say anything there. I have never personally seen or used a Cyborg headset. Looks badass, though.

Yeah, I have the RAT mouse, that would be a perfect combo. I’m really unsure, and now I’ve added the SteelSeries Siberia V2 as @Madam_Questing advised to the list.
The V2 cost 80€, the G35 cost 105€ and the FREQ7 cost 90€.

Turtle Beach Ear Force Z2

Is that…mini-DIN…?

yeah, but its not really used for connecting to anything other than the supplied cable. wire coming out of the headset is about 12 inches. The DIN (i think) is to prevent cable breakage if you get it caught on something and pull too hard, it will just separate instead of break.