What instrument(s) do you play?

What instrument(s) do you play, and for how long?

I’ve played the trumpet for 4 years.

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Piano - 8 years
Trombone - 6 years
Viola - 2 years

Piano - 11 years
Violin - 11.5 years

Meat Stick - 21 years


Piano - 8 years
French Horn - 3 years

Violin - 7 years
Electric Bass Guitar - 3 years
Cello = 8 years

Piano - 10 years
Trumpet - 4 years

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Guitar - 4-5 months and still horrible ;D

Armpit - 40+ years


Mustang. 1 year and 4 months >:D

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*yay* Trumpet :smile:

Why is everyone so smart ;-;.
I tried flute, but gave up. But I still know how to play Jiggle bells on it. But that’s it :cat:.

I tried to make wubwub music using this insturment called a computer, but it failed

I think @BitByte makes this “wubwub” music you speak of :trollface:

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Any computer is an instrument if you’re brave enough! :trollface:

Yes I play the computer. Deal with it. XD

Voice - 7 years

Y U NO triangle? :wink:

Mnnnooo, computers shouldn’t be abused to make so called music ;_; Real music is something like AC/DC: Guitars, drums and a real human voice that doesn’t depend on auto tune and crap like this.

Myself, I always wanted to learn playing the guitar, but I’m too lazy :S


Trumpet, 7 years. Stopped when I got out of high school.

Mustang, 10 months :wink: Yes, this sound IS music. 1967, coupé, 289cui V8, 200 HP, California black plate :blush: