What is going on with plugins?

After looking around and seeing different things said about Pore and other things like it, I am mainly wondering one question…

Will I be able to run bukkit plugins on my modded server anytime soon, or if at all?

Yes; however, Pore and Sponge are not completely finished - some code may cause errors, and some events may not be sent.

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To be honest it is better to have plugins that are specifically made for sponge because:

  • Pore is translating Bukkit plugins on the fly, which means its less efficient and puts unnecessary load on the system
  • Bukkit plugins are limited compared to Sponge plugins and will never reach equality ever
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The best way is using plugins made for Sponge or Forge. I recommend using them if possible, as Pore is lacking some features and afaik isn’t built against the current SpongeForge or SpongeVanilla build.

We’re still finishing up the SpongeAPI + it’s implementations to finally be feature complete… This requires adding and refactoring of code, which breaks plugins from time to time.

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Oh I see, however my problem is the selection of SpongeForge plugins. I have a lot of Bukkit plugins that are vital for my server that have not yet been remade for sponge. I was still interested in Pore, can someone show me where I can download a working one?

To put it simple there is no ‘working’ version of pore. Neither Pore, nor Sponge are finished. I recommended waiting until Sponge is more developed before trying to start a server in it. Although it is nearing completion, Sponge is still too unstable to support a fully fleshed out server. (We can’t launch projectiles, about 1/2 of the Data API is unimplemented, and some things are still subject to change)

You can now!

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Ok thanks guys.

See, and this is why sponge WILL be a viable platform, support and implementation is rapid. Its just not quite there yet.