What is this warning ?><

Hello, on my server, and i have this log :

i use 10go for ram, how i can hide or resolve this “bug” ? ^^"

The servers cpu isn’t fast enough and skips ticks. This is not a bug, just a warning. As long as you don’t experience lag, everythings fine.


That doesn’t necessarily mean that the server has not enough ram.
Also, did you make sure that your server has access to the 10 GB of ram?

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oh okay, also, i have this config :
Intel i7-4790K
4,0 / 4,4 GHz
32 Go RAM
DDR3 1333 MHz

You think its suffisant for starting server pixelmon ?

i think yes, i verif with command htop :stuck_out_tongue:

How frequently does this warning appear?

i dont know but not very often i think

As @Tzk pointed out, it shouldn’t be a problem as long as it doesn’t affect gameplay.


ok thanks so much :wink:

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The Cpu is more than fine. This kind of warning often occurs when the server generates chunks or other resource-heavy operations are done.

As said: As long as you or your players don’t experience lag, everythings fine.

In general the MC server only uses 1 thread, so a cpu with many cores doesn’t help, but a cpu with a few very fast cores does help. Your 4790k is one of the fastest Cpus currently available (talking singlecore performance here).


Very thanks for your help :wink:

if i want to do multi
multicore, i put what for argument in starter shell command ?

No, you would recode Minecraft from the ground up…
Minecrafts worldgeneration is singlethreaded and there’s no simple way to change it.

okay! Thanks a lots ! :wink:

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