What kind of plugin do you plan to make once sponge is released?

A couple weeks back I mentioned in a post somewhere I plan to try out the API as soon as it’s released. Of course I don’t have any plugin ideas right now, so I would like to hear what kinds of plugin you guys plan to make in the future! (Maybe that way I can get a few ideas :slight_smile: )

Most plugins will be ports from plugins that already exist.

Some rpg plugin which probably uses lots of Forge code to create custom items and support them for vanilla clients. Or maybe some chat plugin before that…

But API is really incomplete at now and implementation has almost no code.

You can’t just create new Items with Forge and make them compatible with Vanilla. Otherwise there wouldn’t be FTB or similar.

I can, if I play with packets and disguise items to vanilla clients. Easy? Not really, but it works.


I’m thinking a minigame might be a good idea, but i don’t know right now. I also had an idea for an RPG plugin as well so who knows I might think about that.

I’ve been getting together a group to code an apocalypse plugin for Sponge. Feel free to contribute: https://github.com/ignis-apocalypse :: it’s MIT licensed.

A plot plugin that gives users a lot of freedom (worldedit), and that gives admins full-control. Made for creative servers.

I have an idea for bats and tnt that I’d like to become true… evil grin

Pretty much stupid plugin ideas to help me understand the API. Then it’s off to a big project.

Games that might or might not ever be finished.

Just before Bukkit kicked it I was thinking of a ‘guest book’ plugin…
I will need the db API to be part of Sponge for this though.

Personally I think about 70% of the plugins is going to be ported to Sponge. My own idea was to create an plugin like Essentials and Cell. And maybe an RPG mod.

~ xxmarijnw

Yeah I plan to start off with essentials style plugins as well, since they are mainly just bits of useful code stuck together. So I think it’s a good place to start :slight_smile:

I’ll convert my Plugins (I’ll wait for an economy manager before even thinking about VillagerShop) and I got some ideas I won’t tell.
By the way… Anyone planning on doing an economy plugin yet?

I plan to port RubyBukkit, which let people create plugins in JRuby.

well, there is the plan to directly inject Sponge into the Minecraft client to turn it into something like Spout if available, so you might be able to utilize that for the purpose of custom items.

or be hacky or something and use an item thats as close as possible to the custom item’s planned appearance and give it a data id. that’s what I did with a “custom” items plugin I made before, and it worked like a charm.

so you can make 361:1 into a renamed item of a different purpose instead of whatever id 361 does.
yes i randomly used the number 361.

You know you could simply make a Forge mod for that purpose?

i was typing that up on the idea that it was primarily gonna be a server plugin and not a game mod

That would be obsolete, though.
For the Forge implementation at least.