What kind of plugins will be imported into Sponge?

Will you guys import bukkit plugins into Sponge? Like, Essentials, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, EssentialsGroupManager, and other plugins that was made for the Bukkit API? will you guys?
This topic is directly targeted at, @sk89q

I imagine sk89q will eventually reply to this, but I can’t see him allowing some of his largest most important plugins to be outdated by Sponge. I can only say this for his plugins though. I doubt he’ll port other plugins, especially really popular ones like Essentials, mcMMO, Factions, etc. Those are such a staple to Minecraft servers that the corresponding developers will likely port them over. If you haven’t already seen it, have a look at this (list of plugins being ported).

sk89k is the developer of WorldEdit and WorldGuard, and is going to be porting it over to sponge.

There are exactly 400 plugins or more confirmed to be ported over by there developer/new developer.
Click of this for the full list
That list includes Factions, Mcmmo, and a whole bunch of the big plugins like Essentials.

Don’t just make a thread, the thread called Plugins to be ported was right under this thread…
As my Dad use to say, don’t bleet before you look…

Sorry to interject, but that’s not correct. The list (400+) is plugins folk want ported, maybe half or more of which have been claimed by their devs. Some don’t have any offers of update, and that presently includes mcMMO (they’d like some new blood in their dev team). I have no idea how Nossr50 lasted so long on his own …

Most of the plugins on the list, are claimed by the devs…

sk89q, the owner of both of those projects, also happens to be the lead developer of Sponge itself. He has confirmed that these plugins are being ported in other threads also.

Can confirm: mcMMO does not have plans to port.