What new tech are you excited for?

I love keeping up-to-date with technology. I don’t plan on majoring in computer hardware, and I’m not all that good with hardware-related topics, but there are some things I’m excited for.

I’ll post a few of the things I’m excited for. Some are upcoming technologies, some have been recently released, and some are just major improvements on existing technology.

Also, expect me to sound similar to someone you’d expect on a review site and be boring.

DDR4 RAM - Wikipedia - Newegg - Jedec

I haven’t researched into this a whole lot, but DDR4 will supposedly deliver twice the performance when compared to DDR3, while slightly lowering power consumption. It’s also a LOT more dense than previous iterations of SDRAM, meaning we might start seeing 16GB and above sizes in just one stick. We should also start seeing RAM clock speeds nearly double that of what we typically see with DDR3, so 3000MHz and above.

As you might expect for any major upgrade such as this, prices are extremely high. Expect to pay roughly $200 for 16GB.

Intel Broadwell CPUs (Fifth Generation) - Wikipedia - Intel

This is something I just started reading up about last week, and have only read a few articles for. What’s essential to know about this is that it’s not as big a change as the Sandy/Ivy Bridge to Haswell was. The key improvements to this are the following:

  • 30% power reduction
  • 30% slimmer
  • 40% GPU boost (not sure if this is for on-board or dedicated GPU)
  • Native 4K monitor support (can’t imagine FPS would be any good)

I lost the article links I had that I saw last week, but I read in several places that the TDP would be lowered to the point where they could be fanless in certain situations, such as laptops, where the laptop itself was the heatsink. This could potentially mean we could overclock to much higher frequencies, as heat output would be much less.

The consumer models use the LGA1150 socket type, and the server models will use LGA2011. Presumably there will be “extreme” editions for LGA2011. Keep in mind, however, you need a Z97/H97 (or Z99) motherboard to use these.

We should see desktop Broadwell CPUs by the end of 2014.

USB 3.1 and Type-C - Wikipedia

USB 3.1 Type-C can be plugged in BOTH WAYS.

I’ll let Linus to the rest of the talking for this one.

Apple fanboys will argue that Lightning is faster, and yes, it is. Except Apple requires you to pay a fee to use Lightning in devices, effectively making it rather expensive to implement.

So, what technologies are you guys all excited for?

Yuuuup, I’m getting myself some DDR4 ram later on. :wink:

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From that pic, anyone notice that it has taken more than two times longer to go from ddr3 to ddr4 than it did to go form ddr1 to ddr3?

I would also probably build another comp sometime over the next year or two with ddr4, well it’s not a huge ammount over what ddr3 is going for currently, about 40 dollars more expensive for 16 db compared to ddr3(It is however a good deal more expensive than what ddr3 went for back in 2011.).

3d nand can be pretty interesting.

I’ve personally been waiting for DDR4 ram. I know how to fine tune my specs now thanks to Electrical engineering degree at 19 from the USAF. #livinlikelarry

USB C is money.

I’d be more excited about DDR4, if I wasn’t disappointed that graphics cards have been using DDR4 and DDR5 for years already. I really don’t know why the motherboard ram implementation has been so slow to adopt the spec.

I’m actually still pretty hyped about 802.11ac. I’m excited about how quickly it’s being adopted, and I love the push toward 5Ghz. No more losing my Netflix stream when someone nukes a hot-pocket.

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usb c sounds cool, but it be awhile for it reaches the need for it to be in my computer,
DDR4 sounds awesome, I’m willing to pay the extra :moneybag: it will cost(After a motherboard & cpu upgrade)

I’d probably wait for another year or two before getting a comp with DDR4 ram in it, to allow it to become more popular and lower in price.

And GDDR5 doesn’t equal DDR4/5, it’s basically a modified version of DDR3.

Sponge to be fully complete for servers.


A new streaming platform with less lag and a cool UI