What server type do you like most?

I’d like to find out which type of server is the most popular in the Sponge community.

  • Vanilla
  • Survival
  • Creative
  • Anarchy
  • Player vs. Player
  • Alpha/Beta
  • Bukkit/Sponge
  • Feed the Beast
  • Technic
  • Others?

Post the details below! :slight_smile:

I like faction PVP if it’s well done :wink:

Super duper custom gameplay RPG / Survival servers. Like mine :stuck_out_tongue:

Technic for me, I’m a techy guy. Always loved machines that do stuff


You can do so many things with redstone, it’s amazing!
(However, sometimes redstone acts so weird, nobody can fully understand how it actually works.)


Vanilla/Survival, Alpha/Beta, RPG/RL :slight_smile:

One that stays up and running. :smile:


Hello, @MrMysteri0us! Since i stated server co-ordinating and designing with my team a few years back, I have loved RPG type servers. So recently, I got my team together after a rather long break and we decided to work on a new server project. I just can’t wait for the first Sponge API to be released, possibly in November!!!

You forgot to include Loose-RP and Strict-RP

I love mods that add new blocks, items, mobs, dimensions, or anything else tangible to the game. And I like a lot of them. :smile: Big FTB packs are my favorite.

This is why I’m super excited for Sponge to make it easier to combine Forge mods and Sponge plugins on servers.

Custom modpack :stuck_out_tongue:

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Creative, Survival or PvP :stuck_out_tongue: (I tried an RPG server recently as well, and it’s been an idea to try to make one of my own someday possibly)

Vanilla (Or modified) traditional survival. I hate anything PVP related. As for anything else… Eh. So and so. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I run a Survival/PvP server but i prefer to play on ATLauncher packs.

Creative/Plot or Prison.

I like raiding servers with Factions and grefing enabled.

I like survival with creative aspects (like currency to buy rare materials), not too easy, not too hard. Should be more fun than frustration (not that I’ve ever been frustrated with the core game anyways).

Custom technic :hear_no_evil: :hearts: pack, using solder

Creative, Survival and Minigame (PvP and PvE)

I personally love Minigames, Survival, and Modded.