What should I get?

So I will be buying a new computer for school soon. I am trying to decide what setup I should go with.

Should I spend a fair amount of money improving my existing rig (which kinda sucks) then go buy a cheap netbook for use in-class then just use my desktop for gaming, rendering and such? Or should I go out and buy a really nice laptop and just use it for all of my needs?

Keep in mind I will be using this in a college-type environment, so is it even practical to have two separate computers?

Ask yourself what you’ll actually use it for.

If you game pretty often, make sure you get either a decent Desktop, or a laptop that has good cooling.

If you render videos, make sure that whatever you use has enough RAM.

If you’re in a “college-type” environment, you should really stick with a single Laptop, unless you have a lot of means.

Im feeling like I should get a laptop because I am going to need a computer constantly. What I am concerned about is that getting a laptop that fits what I need without breaking bank. I game occasionally, just casually though nothing extreme and I do video rendering fairly often especially in blender, 3dsmax and after effects. Is that realistic to expect out of a laptop?

I use a Surface Pro(1) for all my in class/mobile stuff and then I have my desktop for everything else

Why not just spend all the money on a macbook air then save up throughout school to get a f*cking awesome rig.

And why would he want a macbook air?


Put i3 on it, Arch if you want super lightweight and it’s fast as hell.

You know my opinion of Apple :stuck_out_tongue: if I did buy one I would certainly overwrite the OS with some linux distro.

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Just get a surf-


I nearly recommended a Microsoft product.

To the psychiatrist! dila-dila-dun


What’s wrong with Microsoft products? Linuxin’ over there?

If (huge IF) my parents agree, I’ll buy a surface for University next year, despite having a good laptop. It’s not even open for debate :slight_smile:

I’m in college right now and I’m rolling with a Lenovo Y50. I’m pretty happy with it so far and I do a little bit of everything. Photoshop, video rendering and editing (Premiere Pro/After Effects/Handbrake), and the obvious gaming.

Its waaayyy more powerful than any Macbook Pro. Also @WetSponge, I’ve never heard somebody recommend an Apple product and say anything about saving up in one sentence…

My Setup

Intel i7-4710HQ @ 2.50 GHz


ViewSonic VX2452 24" Monitor, 1080p 60Hz
Twisted Veins High Speed HDMI
Logitech G710+ Mechanical Keyboard
Skullcandy SLYR Headset


Why would you waste that kind of money on a MacBook Air? You can get a netbook or ultrabook that has better hardware for the same or less price… Especially since you would be paying for OSX and then just destroying it.

Edit: Also a college kid here rocking a Lenovo Y50. Weighs 6-7 pounds, 15.6 inch screen, not exactly the smallest or lightest but its not inconvenient at all. My hardware is identical to cae1136, but I have 16 GB of RAM, which if I didn’t buy the 3 year warranty, I could expand to 32 GB (4 slots, only 2 used right now). Of course, I’m a CS major so all I do is code and play games, so I have no reason to have 32 GB of RAM.

Of course.

Using Archlinux I get 60fps on minecraft.

Windows, ~20

It’s only a waste of money if you don’t use it…

So I think I am going to go with a single dedicated laptop, that is not a mac. Any recommended brands / models? I need a decently powerful one.

Lenovo seems pretty good.

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Depending on how soon you need that laptop, it might be wise to wait for DDR4 RAM to get to laptops :slight_smile:

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Never get a Dell laptop. My experience with them is horrible.


So if I spend $600 dollars on a Windows PC and put Arch on it, but my friend spends $1200 on an identical hardware Macbook and puts Arch on it, he did not waste $600?