What will happen to sponge when mojang release a plugin api

what will happen to sponge when mojang release a plugin api

Quoted from the Docs: “If Mojang releases an official modding API, we are interested in building the Sponge API on top of Mojang’s modding API so Sponge plugins will work on both.”

Unfortunately, all the Sponge developers are likely to have died from old age before the Minecraft API is released. Assuming Sponge is still around with fresh developers in a couple hundred years, as @DotDash has already said, they’ll be building an implementation above the official API. :smile:


i have a some questions would you pick the sponge api or the official mojang api

I’d have to look. “Official” is not synonymous with “Good”.


I quite simply have given up on the Mojang API as it does not seem like its going to be a thing for a long while.


Inb4 Mojang team lurks on this thread

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Akward, I found this just 2 hours ago lol.

Then, like the last few times, we get something along the lines of “we are developing the API, stay tuned for more” and then complete silence.

And just because you said that they’re stunned and have no idea what to do next

Or they try to take down spigot

I highly doubt anyone will try to take down anything. There have already been multiple discussions about this.

If a Mojang API is released, great, it could be wonderful, it could be an absolute PoS, either way Sponge will make an attempt to build off of it too.

IMHO I doubt it’s gonna be that great if / when it comes out, definitely not as good as Bukkit / Sponge and I highly doubt it will be as highly used as Bukkit / Sponge in the future.

I wouldn’t hold my breath on that front. They’ve been preaching the “Official API” talk for years. Go Sponge!


That spaghetti… . I bed my money on sponge thought. Mojang can release any api they want, I don’t care.

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Oh dear god, that code hurts me at a deep level.