What's your development environment look like?

By Development Environment I mean where you code.


Just something I did awhile ago.

+2 points if you can name the tool…

This is mine, taken a few weeks ago when someone asked in #sponge:

Eclipse Workspace


Not even kidding

I just love my dark color combination :slight_smile:

PowerBuilder, am I right?

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Are you a Borland fan?

I personally use whatever I’ve got at the moment. When I need to do text editing it’s either Sublime Text 3 or Atom.

A lot of the time when I use linux I don’t install a Java IDE until I have to refactor code. Because I can just have a script do all the simple compiling I need and IDE installation is annoying.

Java IDE of choice is JetBrain’s IntelliJ. Eclipse is too slow on my crappy desktop and I can speed IntelliJ up by enabling power save mode.

Plus eclipse is just too glitchy for me.

Ooh I love Sublime, but I’m torn between that and a few…

Not especially but I started coding 25 years ago when Turbo C, Turbo Pascal etc were common and after that amount of time I simply can’t code comfortably on anything other than a dark blue background.

This is true, although ironically Eclipse is faster on higher end hardware when it has the chance to chew through memory, so if you ever get a better PC it’s definitely worth bearing in mind.

This was true up to around the Europa release, but to be honest nowadays it’s virtually bomb-proof. I write code for a living and literally live with Eclipse all day, every day (since I work in it at home as well) and can honestly say in the last few years the number of times its bugged out on me can be counted on one hand, and most of those were my fault (being impatient and not restarting after installing updates for example).

Anyway, back on topic :slight_smile:

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My laptop is high power, desktop is crap, I’m running linux on it and that’s the only way I can even run an IDE reasonably. It’s just old.

Eclipse has a penchant for breaking (this is from experience, I used it until I found IntelliJ)

Mine normally looks something like this I just opened notepad++ and pretty much anything where I left off. The other stuff is always there, like the browser and the like. Also, three monitor master race(two side by side and one in the middle on top).

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got to zoom up the photo mumfrey